It's Dress Rehearsal for Second Position & Turning Pointe!

We're getting closer to April 13th aka RELEASE DAY for Second Position! So I thought I'd bring all of this together.For instance, did you know Second Position got a BLURB? From the AMAZING Cora Carmack (here, go pre-order her next book because I just know it'll be amazeballs)040815-SecondPosition-CoraCarmack I know, I know, I'm still flailing over this. Onto your questions!Where Can I Pre-Order Second Position? Have I told you I love you? I do. I really do. Click here for all of your buy links!Um, but what about Goodreads? I want to read some reviews first. Lucky for you, there are some wonderful ones posted already!I heard there was a prequel. YOU'RE RIGHT! It's called Turning Pointe (get it?) and you can read it all online here OR you can get it for free from Amazon! I'm still working on finding links for other retailers, sorry! If you like it, please leave a review on Amazon? Thank you!  (At the time I'm clicking post on this, it might take a few minutes for Amazon to get it up and live. Please be patient!)Are you doing a blog tour? am doing a blog tour! Tune in on Twitter to find out where I am every Sunday. But as of right now, you can find me here, here, and here. There's a giveaway too with a $25 Modcloth gift card and a ebook of Second Position! WOO!OMG I'm So Excited! ME TOO! You rock. Now I'm talking to myself. A sure sign that it's only a few days until a book releases!What was the coolest thing you learned in all of your research? How did I ask myself a question I can't answer? OH! I didn't realize how much WORK pointe shoes took to prep! That was super fun to learn! And how many pointe shoes dancers go through. Basically pointe shoes are amazing and going on pointe is really amazeballs.You made some cool teaser images! Can you share them? Oh you flatter me, self writing this. Here you go!Any other questions? Drop me a line on Twitter or in the comments here! And keep an eye out for Sunday blog tour posts, enter the giveaway, spread the news, and then stay tuned on MONDAY for RELEASE DAY CELEBRATIONS. We'll be saying "Shit!" in French a lot. It'll be great. (Don't worry, if you don't know this dancer tradition, we'll be talking about it on Monday!)