Spring Bootcamp! A little late but who's surprised?

Spring Writing Bootcamp 2015WHOOPS! Double blog post today but this is SURPRISINGLY NOT BOOK RELEASE NEWS. It's the YA Buccaneers' Spring Bootcamp again! Last year this boot camp helped me rewrite Magicballoonbook aka The Girl With The Red Balloon and get 25k on my YA contemporary Five of Hearts. You can see my posts from last year's bootcamp here on the tag spring bootcamp. My overall goals for this bootcamp:1. Edits on FINDING CENTER, the sequel to SECOND POSITION (which comes out Monday so uh, okay, focus brain focus!)2. 2k a week on my sadWIP which is a YA that is SLOW GOING but so lovely.3. 2k a week on my happy book aka a secret NA that is less than secret now that I've had everyone on Twitter naming horses ;)4. Client manuscripts! I'm doing freelance editing now and I'm booked through April completely.5. IF I feel like it, I'd like to go back to Five of Hearts from last year's bootcamp, clean it up (it's only the first half of the book, about 25k) and prepare it to go to my agent for a talk about whether it's viable or not. I really like it, but I can't tell whether I shelve it for now or now's the right time to pounce with this one.I didn't set a goal last week--it was a weird and wacky week for me and I'm swamped with a book release on Monday but I'm happy to be doing this. Goal setting is awesome.Also, hi, team! Sorry, Ruth and Kim, I'll be on the ball, I promise! ;)