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Hello! Thank you for considering me as your freelance developmental editor. I’ve been freelance editing for over four years and worked on over 100 manuscripts and countless queries, submission packages and partial manuscripts.

I enjoy delving deep into stories to craft a stronger narrative. And I really love working with clients and seeing them grow as writers and storytellers.

I edit middle grade, young adult, romance, and adult fiction in most genres. I do not edit picture books, early readers or chapter books. And as I am not well versed in the genres, I’m not the best choice for cozy mysteries or psychological thrillers.

I do developmental edits only. I do not do line edits or copy-edits.

Every client’s needs are different, and so are every story’s needs!

In order to accommodate your needs, I offer several options for editorial services. If you’re looking for something that isn’t on this list, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m happy to discuss what might work best for you.

Full Manuscript Edits

Beta Read/Big Picture Critique - This is a high level critique that focuses on global issues in the manuscript—character arcs (consistencies and inconsistencies), worldbuilding, pacing, setting, plot, etc. I read the entire manuscript and leave comments and track changes as necessary. I will also write a 3-5 page edit letter detailing my observations and suggestions. I will happily answer all your questions about the edit and any follow-up via email! Cost: flat fee of $450 up to 90,000 words. Over 90,000 words, please email me for price.

Full Manuscript Critique - This gets into the nitty gritty details of your story: characterization, worldbuilding, pacing, setting, plot, prose, language, etc. I’ll leave detailed track changes and comments throughout the manuscript, along with a 5-8 page edit letter. Additionally, I offer all my full manuscript clients a Skype call up to one hour to discuss edits, revision plans, and answer any questions. This is included in the price of the full manuscript edit. Cost: flat fee of $700 up to 90,000 words. Over 90,000 words, please email me for price.

Bite-Sized Critiques

Query Critiques - I will critique your query with track changes and comments! Fast turnaround—24hrs in most cases! Cost: $25 per round of edits.

Submission Package - I will critique your query, synopsis and first 30 pages (double spaced, Times New Roman, size 12). Fast turnaround—7 days in most cases! Cost: $200. Additional rounds of query critiques can be purchased for $25 per round of edits.

Interested in booking? Great! Email me below and let’s get started.

Other questions? Email me and I’m happy to help, or connect you with someone who can!

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If you're thinking about booking Katherine Locke for editorial services, do it! She was a dream to work with and her very smart notes were spot on. Katherine was extremely professional and always turned around edits on time. Her insight and guidance were invaluable. Working with her elevated my writing and helped me understand character development in a new way. I am forever grateful for all her hard work and guidance on my manuscript. - Jennie Wexler, YA Author

I have worked with Katherine on multiple manuscripts, and each time she has gone above and beyond to help get my novels into querying-shape. I learned so much from her feedback, and truly would not be the writer I am today without her insight. It’s clear that she is passionate not only about editing, but about helping her clients to unlock their full story-telling potential. I am so glad I stumbled across her website a few years ago! - Sabrina Kleckner, YA Author