Turning Pointe News!

Certain friendships reach a turning pointe. It's inevitable. Those friendships were never platonic from the start, but a shade of romantic that comes into sharper focus with time. And for Aly and Zed, their winter tour with the Philadelphia Ballet Company is that point(e) in time.WORLD YOU LOVEStarting today, one chapter of TURNING POINTE will be posted every weekday until SECOND POSITION's release on April 13th. You can read TURNING POINTE here at Carina Press.My favorite thing about writing TURNING POINTE?Meeting Zed when he was a dancer. I loved meeting both Aly and Zed before the accident, learning what made them tick, seeing the ways in which the accident had affected them and what they'd been like before everything went down, but I really loved meeting Zed. I hadn't thought too clearly in SECOND POSITION about how he danced, why he danced, how he felt when he was dancing, how he danced different from Aly. I didn't need to. Or, so I thought. But diving into Zed the Dancer helped me approach my SECOND POSITION edits from a fresher, deeper perspective, and I definitely couldn't have written FINDING CENTER without TURNING POINTE.I hope you all love this little novella (I call it my prequella) the way I do. It contains one of my favorite District Ballet Company scenes and it is, hopefully, fun and bright. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!Turning Pointe is also on Goodreads now