Back from Hiatus

Not that too many people follow me ;) but I disappeared. 

Partially because I usually catch up on the writing community at work since I don't have internet at home and that job ended.

Partially because I was stressed out over being unemployed.

Partially because I wasn't GETTING anywhere in my writing.

Partially because I was depressed. Barely keeping my head above water depressed which would have come whether or not I had situational things in my life but situational depression + clinical depression = sinking sinking sinking.

I'm not out of my own head yet and I'm only treading water, but I feel like I can breathe a bit, and every breath I take creates space for more breaths. Acknowledging that the above list is actually a laundry list of excuses and I need to sit down, buckle down, and be a participant in the writing community as often as I write because that's how I become BETTER is important.

So I've been writing, but I'm getting 1/3 of the way through a story and abandoning it so right now, I'm trying to make myself finish a project. I haven't finished a project since June after finishing FOUR this spring. I'm working on something deeply personal and difficult to write at points, but I think it could be very good if I finish it. It's the first one that I'm scared to show to B because it's so raw and very close to my heart, like I'd rather query it before he saw it, but i think that's a stupid idea.

I'm thinking about starting a writer's group in Philadelphia for YA writers. I was part of the group, and it fell apart, and I didn't particularly like the structure. Are you guys involved in a in-person writing group and how do you run/organize/keep yours going?