Promises Unkept

I swear, I'm going to try and make this a habit again. I'd give more excuses but really, I'm lazy and tired and grumpy and easily talk myself out of things from writing to blogging.

I'm still working on this one project, ongoing from three years ago, and it is going a little better now. I know the dots I need to connect and I need to stop worrying about the word count for now and keep writing it. Once it's "done", then I can go edit, and add (because my word count will be SHORT for YA). 

This story that I'm writing deals a lot with music. I come from a musical family. My dad and my sister in particular are very talented. Me? Not so much. And my characters are more like them than like me. So half of my time involves doing research on musical theory not because it's going to be mindboggling in the book but I want to keep a few things consistent and since I know NOTHING about music, I'm not even sure what I'm writing is POSSIBLE on the piano/with two people/from a song standpoint. I wanted to write something about grace notes, and then realized I didn't actually understand the concept of grace notes. 

Cue lost hours on Wikipedia doing "research". But at some point, it distracts from the writing, doesn't it? I haven't found that balance. 

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