Choices in dialogue

I'm typing this on my phone so let's hope there aren't too many typos.I was thinking about choices in dialogue. I suppose sometimes characters drive the toe of choices I'm thinking about, but sometimes it could go both ways.Scenario ACharacter A: do you believe me?Character B: i want to believe youScenario B:Character B: i want to believe you.Character A: believe me.What is the difference?I think there are a couple of differences.First, i think there is a didn't character power dynamic between those scenarios.Second, there is a certain anxiety and insecurity in both, but it is different between them. I think the first is active anxiety, the second passive anxiety. The first is active because there is a question asked and answered. The second is a passive anxiety which is shown through terse statements, no questions, and a lot of tension.Third, neither is better than the other but they are very different aren't they? These are the choices: same conversation, but not, so which works for our stories?These are things i am working on in revisions and my current writing process.