Resource Post of Stuffage

In which I publicly post a list of things I've found and want to save and maybe you'll like them too?

Lovely Sky Monsters -- The most beautiful photographs of the sky you'll ever see...courtesy of the Atlantic

Every Folktext You'll Ever Need To Know, Organized by Type, Thanks to University of Pittsburgh

Writing Advice from Patrick Ness Who Almost Killed Me With His GeeDee Cliffhangers

A List and Times and How To Use These Twitterchats for YA/MG/Kid/NA Lit Courtesy of YAtopia

A Post About How Contemporary Lit Can Save People...Which I Totally Agree With And Say All the Time Because SPEAK Saved My Life Even Though That Wasn't Exactly My Experience oh and I found this via YA Highway who does such lovely roundups

An Excellent Counterpoint to the Article I Posted Awhile Back about LGBTQ Characters in YA Dystopia

We All Know More People Than Just Teens Read YA--But What is a Label Anyway? Beth Kephart on Removing the YA Label from it and think. Are we excluding readers by how we shelve books?

This Tumblr's Sources Are Questionable But Hey, Pretty Words?

How To Be A Douchebag of an Author--Oh wait, maybe that's how NOT to be a douchebag author?

Psychology Today on Nightmares

Theoretical Approaches to YA Literature on The Internet Which is a Series of Tubes. This is getting so meta.

Okay that's it for now. Hope some were interesting! (I'm emptying my bookmarks from my work contract ends in 7 days so I'm out of a job and off this computer. Must save all the things!)