ARCS, Covers, Weekend Reads

Quick note: I read Scarlet by AC Gaughen and while I have my critiques, it was fun and a very fast read. Highly recommend!Why can't I write what I want to write when I want to write it? More on that later?On the upside, being back involved in social media for writing stuff has been fun. Contests! ARC giveaways! Fun stuff! also, I love #1k1hr on Twitter and #yalitchat even though I fell asleep.On that front, I found this via Twitter and was immediately intrigued. I hadn't heard of BLOOD MAGIC or BLOOD KEEPER before, but now I want to read them badly!Why?Intriguing concept. Blood as a conduit of magic is a concept that's been around for a LONG time. But Tessa Gratton turns it into an action packed urban fantasy and urban fantasy is quickly turning into my new drug (I just finished WHITE CAT by Holly Black. A-may-zing.).Now the sequel's out and it sounds just as powerful.

I have this thing about covers. I will, absolutely, judge a book by its cover. Sorry, I do it. I think covers are incredibly important. This cover is awesome. It tells me that this is an urban fantasy with twist, something to do with nature and things that become uncovered (literally or metaphorically, I don't know), I love the compass rose (and, reading the summary again, I GET IT. ROSES. HA. I like!!), and I LOVE THE FONT. I think Tessa's name gets lost a bit, but the title font is magnificent.

So yes, go enter the contest. Maybe you'll win. Maybe I'll win. EITHER WAY, people, this is on my to read list.

My to read list this weekend though is:(Finish reading) The Doomsday BookBlack OutAll ClearTell The Wolves I Am Home (this book sounds absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to dig my teeth into it)

What are you reading this weekend?