Writing Research, and The Story in My Head

I've been writing this one story, in some form or another, for 11 years.I wrote the first version in a binder during my Earth Science class freshman year of high school (and probably other classes, but I REMEMBER writing it in ES. I'm sorry, Mr. R., I remember a lot about rocks and volcanoes, I swear...). I was bullied horrendously by a particular classmate in that class and writing was absolutely an escape method. It was poorly written, but close to my heart.The next summer, I sat down and wrote another version of it.And my freshman year of college, I had a mental breakdown (literally) first semester, and spent two weeks writing this story and not going to class, not eating, and not showering. I do not recommend this method of writing. It was gross and disgusting when I got to the end. This version was known as Caesura. Most of my friends know about Caesura and know it as Caesura and I still call it that, even though it has a more proper title.A few people have read Caesura. One of my friends read it, called me hysterical over my ending, hung up on me, and repeated this several times before I could get her to calm down and tell me if she LIKED it or not. (She did.)I have written Caesura in hundreds of forms. I've written Caesura's sequel and several parts of the third book. I've written and dreamed Caesura but I've never gotten it just right. Last fall, I started it again, and got farther than I have recently, put it down and walked away.Yesterday, it hit me again that I wanted to work on it, so I sat down and within a few hours, had 5,000 very good words as a start, a new arc for the story, and a stronger understanding of my characters. Will I finish this rewrite? Will I finish this rewrite and be HAPPY with this rewrite? Who knows.But my writing research lead me to strange places yesterday, including research on the murders of the last Romanovs at the Ipatiev House or the House of Special Purpose. If you'd like to be entertained by some crazies, and some not so crazies who genuinely know their stuff about the Romanovs, please go forth and prepare to lose hours of your life.