Gah! No writing!

I got ZERO writing on ANY project done this weekend in the Adirondacks. Yesterday I was home early-ish but stressed because one of my cats was very sick (hence early return). I dealt with him today and then with separating my kittens from their mom (she's turned too protective to safely have them anymore...). Too much cat stuff!Maybe I'll rename the blog "Writing Despite of Cats"?I'm continuing to work on my YA urban fantasy, as well as occasionally poking at a slower, but fun "summer YA" project. On the side, I'm also dreaming about and rereading pieces of a story I've been writing on and off in some fashion since I was 14. 11 years of this story and counting. I can never get it quite right, but I love it, and I can't get it out of my head. Eventually, I'll master this story.I can feel my brain slowing down and getting into that slump where I sulk and don't finish any story, so I really need to just plow through and get a lot done this week. My goal is to write no less than 1500 words a day, with a goal of 1000 tonight. I'll keep you posted on progress!