WIP Wednesdays (And It's Actually Wednesday This Time!)

Oh my gosh, I'm getting this up on the right day.Wait. It *is* Wednesday, right? I have the days of my week right?Does that tell you how my WIP is going? Or my life?I'm just about 8 days out from release (and Amazon seems to be shipping early) so my brain's a bit frazzled with The Girl with the Red Balloon things right now.But good news! I got my edit letter for Book 2 (title to be revealed September 24th by PickMyYA) and I am making progress. It's about a 75% rewrite, so that's exhausting, but I'm trying to wrap my head around it and make some forward progress bit by bit. I want to have my opening chapters rewritten and the major structural change done by Monday night.In OTHER news, because, as Hamilton said in the Greatest Musical Ever, 'ambition is my folly', I got notes back from my agent about the Middle Grade I've talked about the last two WIP Wednesdays and the primary focus of this series! And HUZZAH I DIDN'T BREAK IT. I wasn't so sure about her first round of notes and was feeling like I'd lost my way, but both my agent and her readers came back and said the draft was stronger. It's only the first 7k, so I have a long way to go. But I have the green light to move forward. My goal is to finish this draft by October 1st, because, well, I am biting off more than I can chew.Here's a list of what I need to keep in mind as I work:

  • Saying the same amount as I do in my YA, but with fewer words
  • Building the world out, making it seem very real and very visual
  • Centering my main character's emotional arc
  • Ending chapters 30% sooner than I think I should to create unanswered questions and a pageturner
  • Sharpening the language so each word leaps off the page

I'm excited to get started!I get a lot of questions about "how do you balance multiple projects?"And that's a good question. Let's see how the next week goes, and then I'll throw the answer in my TinyLetter on September 1st. You can subscribe here.