WIP Wednesdays #2 (Except Today is Thursday. Again.)

I love the alliteration of WIP Wednesdays, but for the second week, this is going up on Thursday...oops.Let's jump into a WIP check in!What am I working on? Same as last week! A middle grade novel! It’s about a girl who is the youngest in her family and she doesn’t feel like she fits in with her sisters, and also there’s a monster that needs to be slain, but only boys are allowed to slay monsters in her world. Her name is Bea and I love her.And I'm working The Balloonmakers Book #2 but I'll just talk about that at the end of this questionnaire.MG is a new category for me! What’s the hardest part?This particular week, it was pacing. Pacing is hard, basically always, but managing pacing and voice with MG content and word count is proving tough.How many words did I write this last week?I added about 2,000 words overall in the last week, and revised 5,000 words. I sent back the draft to my agent on Monday night!How long is the draft now?Just about 8k.What was the biggest challenge this week?Not getting frustrated with myself and trusting the process. I feel like I lost the story a bit in the last round of revisions but maybe that's just because I'm tangled up in it right now.What am I most proud of this week? I really like the market scene I added!What’s next?I'm going to do some brainstorming for Balloonmakers Book 2 this weekend while I'm away. I have a new editor for this book and we had a really good phone call today about the book, its weaknesses, its strengths, and where we wanted it going. We shared a vision for the book, which is such a relief, and I'm really excited to work on it!