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Oh lovely! I finally have a newsletter up and running! I'm calling it You Had Me at Once Upon a Time because the emphasis here is on falling in love with stories and wonderful art of all types. I'll keep the self-promo to a minimum, and you get writing advice and book recs exclusive to subscribers.Sounds great, right? You can sign up here.Let's talk about trust. There's trust between a writer and a story. There's trust between an author and a reader. And there's trust between a newsletter editor and subscribers.You can trust me that this newsletter will be upbeat and positive, and short! I'm going to share one thing I love (book, movie, TV show, music video, something like that!), a question from a reader or a book recommendation, and a piece of writing advice every other week. And newsletter subscribers will get free stuff, discounts on my editing services, and their questions about writing, creative life, publishing, etc answered. It'll be fun. It'll be painless.And I'll send out two NaNoWriMo pep talks ONLY for subscribers, posted nowhere else, so sign up before November 1st!You're all very wonderful. Thanks for coming along this wild ride.

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