Finding Center is coming soon! FAQ and thank yous!

Whoops! I've been a little neglectful of my blog and my website leading up to this release so I'll fix that...In case you didn't know, my next book, Finding Center (District Ballet Company #2) comes out on August 17th!If you want to pre-order it, here are the links!Amazon: if you haven't seen the cover, here it is!findingcenterIsn't it BEAUTIFUL? Carina Press outdid themselves with the covers for this series. I'm so thrilled with this.If you haven't read TURNING POINTE (the prequel novella--FREEEEEEE!) and SECOND POSITION (District Ballet Company #1) then you should totally do that.FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:Q: Is this a direct sequel? A: Yes. It takes place about 18 months after the end of Second Position.Q: Why did you do a direct sequel?A: Short answer: because I wanted to. Long answer: because I'm interested in what comes after the Happily Ever After. HEAs aren't destinations. They take work. And Aly and Zed's obstacles didn't just stop at the end of SP. It was fun to explore that in Finding Center.Q: Is this the last District Ballet Company book?A: Short answer: yes. Long answer: not necessarily. I'd love to do more DBC books but how that happens really depends on a lot of factors because ~publishing~. The best way to get more DBC books is to support the ones that exist! But, even if I write more DBC books, this is the last Aly and Zed book. They would show up as minor characters in future books. I feel good about where I left them at the end of Finding Center.Q: Are you sad to leave Zed and Aly behind?A: Yes. Very. It's very strange to not be working on their books...I've spent a lot of time in the last two years with them, but I've known them in some way or format for six years. It's sad, and bittersweet, but I hope I've done them justice.Q: What's next?A: That remains to be seen! Lots of things in the works, lots of things I hope work out, and I'll tell you as soon as I can!Q: I did a photo edit of Zed and Aly and I'm afraid it's not good but can I send it to you?A: OH MY GOD, YES OF COURSE. I can't do anything with photo edits, you are all incredible. You can tweet it to me, message me on FB (KatherineLockeBooks) or email it through here! Or tumblr. Basically, yes, I want to see it.Q: I want to review your books. Where should I do that?A: First, THANK YOU! *hugs you so hard and then gives you so many cupcakes with sprinkles* Second, Goodreads and, just as importantly, wherever you bought your ebook: Amazon, B&N, iBooks, etc. Many, many readers don't check goodreads before they buy and seeing reviews directly on their retailers helps them make book decisions!Q: I didn't like your book.A: That's okay. NBD. :) Thanks for reading anyways!Q: Why did you write about ballet dancers if you don't dance?A: The research was pretty awesome and easy on the eyes if you know what I mean (external link).