New Titles for Balletbooks!

Whee! I can reveal two of the three titles for my balletbooks and the series name!As you might know--or if you don't, check out original post here--Carina Press and the wonderful Kerri Buckley acquired SERENADE + another book earlier this year and they'll start coming out next spring.I'm working on edits for the first book + a (surprise!) prequel novella right now, in fact, as well as finishing the polishing touches on the third book before sending that off. The third book's title is still under wraps but I hope to be able to share that soon!The books I've been calling 'balletbooks' will now be known as DISTRICT BALLET COMPANY series. The prequel novella is TURNING POINTE and the first book formerly known as Serenade is now SECOND POSITION!I'm super delighted that both the series name and the book titles are nods to the ballet in the book--because we all know how much I love the ballet in these books--but they're also nods to where Aly and Zed are in their relationships.You'll meet Zed a little more next Monday in a blog hop, and I can't wait for you to meet both Aly and Zed in the months to come.Hurrah!