Incredible News: Balletbook Finds a Home!


So this happened.... SERENADESoldAHHHHH!!!!!That's right. Balletbook is now balletbooks plural and found an AMAZING home in Carina Press.  The enthusiasm and support for Aly and Zed's story, and their individual journies, has been so unbelievable to me. It's truly a crazy thing when your characters become real because others love and believe in them as much as you do.I started working on SERENADE as a break from Magicballoonbook and it started from two places. 1) I really wanted to know what happens to people when they've trained their whole adolescence for an elite sport like ballet/gymnastics/ice skating and then because of injury or circumstance, lose that 'career'. 2) For me, Aly's relationship with ballet is how some of us are with writing: what saves us also destroys us. Where's the balance? IS there balance?And I really love the idea that people who love each other finding each other after years apart. I'm a terribly hopeless romantic and chance meetings, broken off romances, deep connections, etc all appeal to that side of me.I am so excited for you all to meet Zed and Aly in the spring and learn more about them on the way there!(I'm never going to stop thanking them but my agent Louise Fury is basically incredible and smart and awesome, and Kerri Buckley's been SO wonderful to work with. <3 I couldn't be happier than I am right now.)And in the meantime, revisions are calling my name so I'll leave you with a couple of other things.My friend Dahlia's debut BEHIND THE SCENES comes out today! Dahlia is amazing but her book is even MORE amazing and features imperfect, complicated, good-hearted teens trying their best despite of extenuating circumstances which is basically my favorite type of book. Also, Liam's abs. You should definitely check out her blog post and buy it today!Stephanie Kuehn's second YA novel COMPLICIT is out today and I'm hearing INCREDIBLE things so I'm picking it up tonight and I hope you are too!And finally, Tiffany Reisz's THE SAINT is out today. If you're a fan of erotic romance, you should probably be picking this up. And all of her other books. Because addictive. If erotic romance didn't tip you off, I'll go ahead and note that this is not YA. ;)Have an incredible Tuesday, everyone!