Peeking Behind the Curtains of Book Research


I get asked a lot about my research process which is a whole other series of posts, probably. But I do a lot of googling as I write, and I wanted to share a list of things I've googled the last two writing sessions as I work on Book 2 of the Balloonmakers. These are all 100% real google searches I conducted for this book, mostly in the right order. I hope this is entertaining  slash interesting to you! “Why is the sky blue?”“When did we discover why the sky is blue?”“Where did they build ships in WWII New York City?”“Park near Brooklyn Navy Yard”“Brooklyn Bridge history pedestrian”“Brooklyn Bridge vantage points history”“Pictures Brooklyn Bridge Navy Yard boats ships”“1943 ships New York City”“What needles looked like in 1940s”“What were kites made of in 1940”“How large were kites in 1940”“Commercial kite children park 1940”“Roloplan kite 1940s”“Gibson Girl Box Kite rescue land?”“First use of the word magic”“How do airplane propellers work”“U boats crossing Atlantic 1943”“1940s slang”“1940s clothing”“1940s hair”“1940s black hair styles”“1940s music”“1940s war movies”“1940s war movies Ronald Reagan”“1940s Jewish neighborhoods New York City”“History Prospect Park New York City”“History corlears hook park”“History of prostitution in new york city”“Park system in new york city 1940s”“FDR drive New York City”“Physics equation for lift”“How is the coefficient of lift calculated”“Calculate coefficient of lift”“Combustion”“Spontaneous combustion”“How to cause autoignition spontaneous combustion”“Autoignition equation”“Equation to change light refraction”“What is wavelength”“Why am I doing this”“How to write a book”