Plotting a YA Novel - Beat Sheet Download


HI!Today I did a presentation at C.F. Patton Middle School (*waves at all the students* You all were such fantastic sports as I ran through a slightly disorganized presentation this morning!). For the presentation, I put together a quick beat sheet that I use for plotting my books. I obviously flesh out beyond this (you've seen my revision posts!) but I don't start unless I have these signs along my road map.I wanted to make that resource available to the students who came to my presentation this morning -- I am very sorry that we spoiled book 6 of Harry Potter -- and I figured I'd post it as a PDF for anyone to use as they wish.PDF: PLOTTING A YA NOVELAgain, this is just my system. Other writers will have other systems and you're more than welcome to adjust this to be your system.Best writing advice I ever got was from Malinda Lo. She told me "learn to slog through."But the second best writing advice I've ever gotten was embrace your process. If you're finishing books, then your process works. You'll tweak it along the way. Once upon a time, I pantsed! ;)As always, if you have questions, let me know!