The Girl with the Red Balloon Cover Reveal! Pre-Order Links! Giveaways! It's Happening!


In six months, THE GIRL WITH THE RED BALLOON, my Young Adult debut, will be hitting shelves at a bookstore near you (and online, from the usual retailers, as both a physical book and as an e-book!). And I am SO excited to share this book with you. This is the book of my heart. About a girl and her grandfather, about hope, about choices we make, about what we do in impossible circumstances, about the people we love and protect, about moving forward even when we've been pulled to the past.And today, the pre-order links for several major retailers are live, along with the COVER!The cover reveal is happening over at Pop! Goes the Reader, and so while I've attached it below, you should check out the post! There's a giveaway for an annotated ARC over there! And it's open internationally!Here's the cover in!gwtrb_postcard-front_no-bleed-page-001love this cover. Kai and Ellie kissing in the balloon. The fence and the guard tower. The colors. The tagline!!Here's the cover copy:

Ellie Baum feels the weight of history on her when she arrives on a school trip to Berlin, Germany. After all, she’s the first member of her family to return since her grandfather’s miraculous escape from a death camp in 1942. One moment she’s contemplating the Berlin Wall Memorial amidst the crowd, and the next, she’s yanked back through time, to 1988 East Berlin when the Wall is still standing.Nobody knows how she got there, not even the members of the underground guild–the Runners and the Schopfers–who use balloons and magic to help people escape over the Wall. Now as a stranger in an oppressive regime, Ellie must hide from the police with the help of Kai, a Runner struggling with his own uneasy relationship with the powerful Balloonmakers and his growing feelings for Ellie. Together they search for the truth behind Ellie’s mysterious travel, and when they uncover a plot to alter history with dark magic, she must risk everything–including her only way home–to stop the deadly plans.

AHHHHHHH!!!!I've been talking about this book for years and for it to finally be taking shape is...something else. I'm really excited.So! Pre-orders! If you're interested in pre-ordering, I've got links for you! Publishers determine how much push to give a book by how much buzz (sales + reviews + industry chatter) it gets before it goes on sale, not after it goes on sale. Pre-orders are super important!If you have a Goodreads account, click here to add it to your TBR shelf!If you want to buy a hardcover from Amazon (likely the main source of hardcovers other than libraries!), click here!If you want to buy a paperback from Amazon, click here!If you want to buy a paperback from Barnes & Noble, click here! (It will also be on the shelf as a paperback in Barnes & Noble!)If you want to buy it as an eBook, it's currently up at Kindle only but I'll update when it's on iTunes and Nook!If you live abroad and need to buy from The Book Depository, click here!I would LOVE for you to support your local indie bookstore. I think that you'll likely have to pre-order or special order closer to release date (9/1/2017). If you support your local indie, send me an email via my contact me page and I'll send you a signed bookplate! Honor system :) Don't worry, I'll remind you about this much closer to release date.I'm also starting to line up events and signings! I'll get a calendar up when I get the OK to share the next few dates but for now, I have one event where you can find me! I'll be at the NoVA Teen Book Festival on March 11th and while I won't be signing ARCs, I'll have The Girl with the Red Balloon postcards with me and I'm happy to sign one of those for you! If you see me, flag me down :)In the meantime, I'm finishing up the draft of The Balloonmakers #2 and finally falling in love with it. Drafting isn't my favorite part of the process so I know this is pretty normal for me at this stage to love/hate the work. But I love these characters and I'm excited for you to meet year! First books first.If you have any questions about The Girl with the Red Balloon, please don't hesitate to send me an email or leave a comment!