Reading in 2016 and Goals for 2017


Last year I read 65 books. This year I read 100 books.Part of that's because Serial Box, which is producing amazing fiction btw and I highly recommend, has each episode listed separately on Goodreads. It's not cheating if it's legit! I highly recommend Serial Box, not just because it's good writing and an interesting format, but because if you're like me and your brain really struggles sometimes with focusing for a whole book, Serial Box episodes come in attention-span ready bites. Serial Box did not pay me or ask me to write this. I just genuinely like them.Onto the breakdown! I've always liked reading breakdowns and I think they help me identify weaknesses in my reading trends. I read Victoria Schwab's a year in reading post and damn, if she can write that many books AND read that many...I really need to step up my game.I read 100 books.3 Books of Poetry4 Memoirs2 Historical Biographies2 Book of Essays1 Self-Help Book34 Adult Romance Books (this includes Whitehall, the Serial Box I binged episode by episode)26 YA Books2 Middle Grades4 Comics4 SFF BooksI read 9 authors of color, 2 (known/publicly IDed) disabled authors, and 10 (known/out) queer authors.91 of the authors were women. 8 were men (3 of whom wrote nonfiction, 2 of those being memoirs, 1 of whom is a very good friend of mine, 1 was a coauthor, and 2 wrote queer YA.)I read 17 of those books in physical book format (including the comics), 7 in audiobook format.I'm not surprised by the YA/Adult Romance breakdown. I basically read a romance a night for a few weeks in the fall because I was so desperate for good news after reading the Actual News all day. Additionally, this year, I've discovered that I'm far less likely to read a physical book than an ebook. I read in bed, often right before I fall asleep (which last year I was like "I don't do this because mental health!" and this year I'm like "wow, the world is literally on fire, I need to do something for a few hours that isn't sitting on Twitter reading about the the fire").So, given that, plus my dismal attempts at diversifying my reading despite trying to be aware of who and what I'm reading, I've made a few goals for my reading in 2017.

  1. I want to read 125 books in 2017.
  2. I want 30% of what I read to be *by* a person of color. Not just characters who are POC.
  3. I'm only going to buy physical copies of books that my friends write because I have not a lot of space and read everything else digitally because that's how I apparently read. Or in audiobook format. My commute will triple starting in 10 days and I'm intending on using that for lots and lots of audiobooks.
  4. I'd like to read more nonfiction that isn't research for a book, especially essay collections. I really enjoyed the handful of memoirs I read this year so more of those, and more on esoteric topics because I'd like to be as smart as I was 7 years ago, please. (Also because I am preparing myself for the next four years of anti-intellectualism and the need to be self-educated to resist).

I also want to write 3 books next year, and my first YA comes out next year, so...we'll see if ambition is my folly, as Hamilton would say.