Preparing for Revisions and Other Thoughts


Last night, we opened the windows and turned off the air-conditioning. I left the shades drawn up so the light silhouetted me for anyone down on the street. There was no one down on the street in my quiet neighborhood. The cats each claimed a window, hunting the bugs drawn to the light, watching the bats just out of reach. I slept under flannel sheets and a blanket for the first time in months, a cat curled beneath the covers with me, and it was glorious.This is what I love about September: warm, sunny blue-sky days, and cool, cuddle-with-cats-under-blankets nights.This morning I pulled another fortune from my pile.img_8366 And tonight I'm going to Jennifer Weiner's Philadelphia book launch for her first children's book, The Littlest Bigfoot with two other writer friends.And in between, some time, I'll get notes from my agent on the next book, and I'll get an edit letter from my editor for The Girl with the Red Balloon. This might not happen today--things happen, Mondays are busy, publishing views time as being as wibbly wobbly as the Doctor said--but I'm expecting it and I'm actually hoping for it, because I'm prepared.I finished up all the active freelance projects and sent them back to my clients. I updated my bullet journal. I bought more tea. I made a stack of comics to read next to bed since my brain will be too fried for words.And I gave myself something to do tonight (the book launch), so I couldn't immediately dive into an edit letter. I'll need to stew and contemplate all of the angles. You can't go into revisions like a bulldozer. Not at this stage. And my first instincts will always be with my bulldozer brain. I have to wait until the bulldozer brain stops hitting the panic button and then approach it like a championship Jenga player. Are there championship Jenga competitions? If so, I imagine it looks and feels a lot like fixing a book.Tea, blankets, cats, and revisions. That's what the rest of my September looks like. How about yours?