Tuesday Things


Tuesday, when I'm back at dayjob after a holiday weekend interrupted by a hurricane that never was.Books Out Today That You Should Definitely Pick Up at the Bookstore, On Your E-Reader, or At Your Library:Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida CordovaAs I Descended by Robin TalleyGirl Mans Up by M.E. GirardHoward Wallace, P.I. by Casey LyallHow to Make Out by Brianna ShrumWhat I've Done Today: Day in the life of an author right? So glamorous.

  1. Got a chai latte because all days start with a chai latte
  2. Scrolled Twitter
  3. Sent notes to a freelance client
  4. Sent a (very bad) picture book draft to an author friend more accomplished and patient than I am
  5. Replied to an ongoing email about weekly/monthly goals with two writer friends
  6. Scrolled Twitter
  7. Received notes on the YA that's tortured me for three years
  8. Whined to an editor-friend and an author-friend about how I was too scared to open the notes
  9. Scrolled Twitter
  10. They both told me to open the notes (both in all caps too) so I did.
  11. Realized that the beta notes on this YA put language to what I knew and felt was wrong with the book.
  12. Lamented that I still can't see my way forward with the book--do I tear it down and rewrite from scratch or do I work with what I have?
  13. Discussed the issue of worrying about What's Next with an author friend
  14. Reread notes. Reminded self that some books are giant Jenga puzzles that fall on your head and give you concussions but that doesn't mean you can't try again.
  15. Scrolled Twitter.
  16. Reread notes. Reminded self that the only way out of a book is through a book. Quietly sang, "I'll write my way out" from Hamilton at my desk. Got a weird look from coworker.
  17. Realized this list was too long and self-important to tweet and decided to write a blog post instead. Justified by telling self "You haven't blogged in so long, this is really a great idea. People will be VERY INVESTED in your non-exciting writer life."
  18. Wrote this.
  19. Scrolled Twitter.
  20. Hit post.
  21. Went to get another chai latte. Or, that is, I'm going to do #20, and then I'm going to do #21.

Some days, the answer of how a book needs to be fixed just comes to you. And other days, you spend a lot of time lamenting and rereading and trying to visualize your way through a book. It's a lot of mental poking and prodding and sighing and reminding yourself that a broken book isn't an unfixable book. These are things I tell my freelance clients that sometimes I need to tell myself too.Hope you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend! If you have any requests for blog topics, leave them in the comments or @ me on Twitter or FB!

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