Editorial Availability Changing and Other News!


Hello!This is going to be a quick little post (a longer future post to come as I process everything). For those who follow me on Twitter, you know I'm moving this week.Moving is stressful! How do I have so many books? Where did they come from? Why are books so heavy? Why am I not a witch who can simply swish-and-flick a wand and Wingardium Leviosa these books from one third floor to another third floor?And seriously, how does one accumulate so much STUFF? I just moved a year ago. And by the way, I am never moving in the middle of summer again. That's two years in a row I've moved during a heat wave. The worst. Okay, not THE worst, but you know what I'm talking about.And related to all these life changes, I'm currently booked for freelance editing through August and from September through the end of the year, I am only taking on repeat clients (either with the same manuscript or new one). I am CLOSED to new editorial clients through the end of the year. On my editorial services page, I have suggestions on other freelance editors I know personally, like, and would trust with my own manuscripts. I've checked with all of them and they have openings, so go ahead and check them out!If you are a previous client of mine, I always have room and time for you. Reach out whenever.  I got you.Expect nothing but cat photos and moving stress tweets for the rest of the week, friends. I know there's a lot going on in the world but I can only handle so much in my brain at one time. I'm going to the mountains at the end of the week to recharge and I'll catch you on the flipside of that.You're wonderful. Remember that.~Katherine