New Book FAQ!


Hello! Last week my new book deal was announced which is awesome and I'm so, so happy to be sending this book into the world. It means a great deal to me.Here are a few answers to a few questions I've gotten, and a few more I expect.OMG! CONGRATS!THANK YOU. YOU'RE THE BEST.Is this New Adult/Romance?No! This is a Young Adult (YA) book (and YA has my heart). It's historical with a fantastical twist, or alternative history with a fantastical twist. Whatever you want to call it. I think I'd probably call it historical urban fantasy but since that's not a place in bookstores, I think this will *likely* but I'm not sure yet be shelved under Teen Fantasy/Science Fiction. That's about 1000% outside of my control so I guess we'll find out next spring?Wait, it's going to be on shelves? It's not digital only like your other books?On shelves! It'll be a physical book AND an e-book, which is awesome, and I'm really excited for that!!! I will be able to SIGN things. And throw books at people! In a very literal fashion! But I won't do that because it is unsafe.Is it queer?There is an openly, on the page, loud and proud queer secondary character on the page but the main character (and the two other POV characters) is not queer and it is not about queerness. It's not really a romance either, though there is a romance in it.Is it Jewish?Yes! Ellie, the protagonist, is Jewish-American like myself, and one of the other POV characters is Jewish as well. There are Jewish stories and prayers in it, but you do not need to understand Hebrew or Judaism to read the book. It's about grief and history and time and friendship and decisions we make and the stories we tell.What's it about?The short version? A girl who time travels back to 1988 East Berlin, via a magic balloon like how her grandfather escaped a death camp, and lands in the middle of a conspiracy of time and magic. The only way to stop people from dying is to destroy her only way home.Okay, but I saw that gif you posted.Of the red balloon that pops? Yes.Is this going to cause feels?So many feels, y'all. So many. I'm really excited about this part!WHY SO FAR AWAY?I HAVE TO EDIT IT. IT NEEDS A COVER. IT HAS TO BE FORMATTED AND REVIEWED AND STUFF. BUT I UNDERSTAND THE FEELING. It'll be here before you know it! It's scheduled for Spring 2017. When I have more information I will share it with you!Can I pre-order it?Not yet! But it is on Goodreads so PLEASE go add it!Can you share anything from it?"Magic and balloons and Walls and time.""The things that get us out, and the things that keep us in."Okay but your book announcement said TWO book deal. What's the second book?I can't tell you that yet but as soon as I can, I will, I promise!you are all the best and i love you! TTYL!