Social Media Cutback: Week 1 (spoiler alert: I failed.)


Last week I blogged about how I was going to follow fellow author Elizabeth May's successfully social media hiatus and it was going to be great.So how did week 1 go?emmalaughingIf you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I failed epically at the Getting Off Twitter part of this. I DID take Twitter off my phone for most of the last week and that was great. I added Twitter and FB back to my phone for something or another, I think to upload photos, but I took them off again this morning.That was good for me. I kept reaching for my phone to idly scroll through one of them and I couldn't. Highly recommend. Got me to read a book, or you know, put my phone down.I finished two books (EMMY & OLIVER by Robin Benway and LIFE, AFTER by Sarah Littman) and read one from start to finish (A COOL AND LONELY COURAGE: The Untold Story of Sister Spies in Occupied France by Susan Ottaway.) I'm currently reading AMERICAN GIRLS: SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE SECRET LIVES OF AMERICAN TEENAGERS by Nancy Jo Sales and 37 THINGS I LOVE (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER) by Kekla Magoon.I did WRITE quite a bit, at least for me, though I'm still very off-track for my 47,000 word goal. I wrote 2,826 words last week, which I'm quite happy with though it should have been more like 10,000. Why? Because those are 2,826 words I didn't have the week before, and because I had been coming off two back to back weeks with almost no words at all. Moreover, I like all of those words.My goals for this week are to read two books, write 5,000 words, and catch up on all my editorial work. It's also very very busy at my dayjob and I'm recovering from an illness at the end of last week, so we'll see how this goes! But maybe I'll actually keep the apps off my phone the WHOLE time this week. That would be a nice step forward, even nicer than words.