Second Position Please! An FAQ Guide to My Debut Book

In case you didn't know (like, if you're currently residing in Antarctica or under a rock?), my debut novel, SECOND POSITION, comes out April 13th from Carina Press. It just went up for preorder so I figured I'd answer some common questions I get from my book world friends and non-book-world friends alike!What's it about?You can read the cover blurb over on Amazon (and quickly to be on the rest of the retail sites) but in my own words, Second Position is about two best friends (and ballet dancers!) who fell in love four years ago and were pulled apart after a pretty horrific car accident. The book picks up with Aly and Zed running into each other in a DC coffeeshop purely by chance and trying to figure out if they can restart their romance. They've both been through a lot in the last four years. Zed lost his career in the car accident, and the accident sent Aly's into a slow motion tailspin. She's trying to get back into her pointe shoes and Zed's not sure if that's the best thing for her--or for them.So it's a romance?Yes! It's definitely a romance. And a new adult romance about trying to figure out where you fit in a world that's much bigger than you thought it was as a teenager. With some funny bits, awkward bits, miscommunications, and a lot of kissing in between.I can't believe you wrote a book like Fifty Shades of Gray!I hear this one mostly from relatives but I think I can safely say that Second Position is not like Fifty Shades of Gray. Not all romance is the same! Give it a try. And if you need more recommendations after you finish Second Position, or while you're waiting for Second Position to release, please let me know. I love recommending books!But there's sex in it.Yes, Mom and Dad, there's sex in it. Sorry. (Not sorry.)Ballet! I didn't know you liked ballet!I love ballet! I wish I got to go to the ballet more often. I have never danced though, and I don't think it's a good idea for me to try. Two left sickle feet ;) But learning to write dance was a magnificent challenge and I really liked it. I read lots and lots of articles, blogs, and forums to learn all of the details I'd need to know, interviewed a bunch of dancers, watched rehearsals, and spent hours watching Youtube. I now know a lot about ballet, which still doesn't make me at all qualified to dance it :) Dancers are incredible athletes and I hope that Aly and Zed's books did justice to their incredible sport & art!Cool! When does it come out?April 13th, 2015 from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, and directly from my publisher's site!I don't have an ereader.Alas! I am sorry. Second Position (and all Carina Press titles) is digital only which means you can only read it on an ereading device. HOWEVER, you can just download the Kindle or Nook apps to your smartphone or tablets! The apps are free and the book is less than your latte.Dear Friends and Family members who are not tech savvy,Ask me for help! I will walk you through this because ebooks are amazing and cheap and you can read forever and also technology is cool.Love,KatherineCool! Can you sign mine?It's digital only! Which means signatures are a little different. But I'm looking into Authorgraph, which allows for digital signatures, so please stay posted! I've asked for Authorgraph signatures on a few of my favorite digital books and it's pretty darn cool, not going to lie. NICE. I can't wait to buy! Tell me how.You are my favorite person ever, person who wants to buy my book. Second Position is available for pre-order right now! Cover art coming VERY soon, so stay posted for that!You can pre-order Second Position at the following (lovely) online retailers:Amazon (Kindle):  When is your cover art coming? Are you going to have giveaways? When's the next book coming out?THESE ARE GREAT QUESTIONS to which I do not yet have answers but should soon!Thanks for playing!