The Liebster Award: 10 Questions about my WIP

I was tagged by the lovely E.G. Moore in this fun NaNoWriMo related blog hop. You can read her post here! I have a bit of a moral dilemma here because I'm not doing NaNo this year so I decided that I could do this for a book that I'm technically revising but is a work in progress and hasn't been turned in yet :)Is this W.I.P your nano project and did you start it prior to November 1st?It isn't and I did! This is the second full length District Ballet Company book, now officially titled at FINDING CENTER. I finished the first draft in September and sent it off to my CPs, now I'm going back into it for revisions after finishing edits on the first two.What is the name and personality of your MC?Like the prequel novella and the first book, FINDING CENTER focuses on Aly and Zed. Aly is one of the elite ballerinas in the country, even dancing at a new small company. She's ambitious, driven, but also a highly anxious person who tends to let things spiral in her head. Zed's her gravity. Zed was a rising star in ballet until a car accident destroys his career. Now he teaches music and theater at a private school. He's pretty balanced and centered now, but can be very childish when he's hurt. Emotionally, both of them are a little behind the age curve as they catch up from an adolescence spent building a career instead of their identities.What makes your book unique in its age/genre market?Oooh, so the District Ballet Company series starts off as NA, though on a sheer age criteria, FINDING CENTER moves into contemporary romance. I think from a unique standpoint, it's about people who have long history together, and who are fighting to stay together. FINDING CENTER picks up with Aly and Zed as a pretty established couple and it's been fun to throw curveballs at them while making them work within the relationship.Additionally, neither of them has a particular dark past. They both went through a trauma together, but they weren't abused and they're not players like you see in a lot of New Adult. Aly suffers from depression, anxiety, and is recovering from an eating disorder and I think it was important to me to show how hard that could be for her partner (and other people around her), not just for her. Both living with, and living with someone who suffers from, mental illness are many people's realities.What do you love most about your story?Oh I love writing these two. They play off each other really well and it's never hard to write them together. I like their quiet moments the best.What area of the plot are you very sure will need some serious editing hours?Oh that's a hard one because I'm in the midst of revising right now and I'm sure my editor will have fun with this one. At least right now, I'm working on heightening Aly's tension in regards to her place at the ballet company :) There! With no spoilers too.Who is your favorite character in your novel?Well this is a dangerous question. In this particular book, I actually have a soft spot for secondary character Jonathan who is the director of District Ballet Company :) I learned a lot about him in this book, things I didn't know in the previous two books where he showed up, and I might, might, might have played around with writing things from his POV ;)What is/are your crutch word(s)?Oooh, so in the previous two books I overused, and often incorrectly used, meander (of all the words!) and at least in self-revising, I'm finding a lot of breath being caught in chests, a lot of trembling, and a lot of hearts slamming.Did you purposely put a bit of your personality into one of your characters, and if so which one?Did I purposely? No, not really. I think every character carries a little bit of you, though. Aly and I share a lot of the same mental health battles and I've been open about that, but that's where she and I are wildly different. Zed and I have a similar sense of humor and way of calming people down.What part, if any, of your setting is perfectly clear in your mind?I can't tell you the MOST clear setting in my mind. But I can tell you that the cafe and ballet studio in my head are pretty clear :) (That's good because they're often at the cafe/apartment/studio!)What is the biggest obstacle of your MC?Both of them struggle to let go of fear of the future/unknown. That's all I can say without spoilers! Same questions go to... C.Z. Ketchem, Rebecca Paula, Rebekah Campbell, Mark O'Brien, and Nita Tyndall! (I'll tag you folks on Twitter :))