Quick Monday Recap for YAB Bootcamp

I missed last Monday's recap, and I'm late for this week's recap for YAB Bootcamp...but this is why? So can I get a pass because last week was a whirlwind of AWESOME? So that's what I've been doing and to be honest, everything else has been set aside to get all of that done. 

My goals this week:

Write a super sexy awesome sex scene for Super Scary Writing Group. Ballet barre. Mirrors. Two ballet dancers. I'm pretty excited for this one, to be honest, and not the least because I'll have to read it aloud in a B&N cafe. Hopefully we won't get kicked out ;)

Work on my just for fun story. Just for fun. No outline, no real idea of where it's going, just flouncing around it to keep my brain working. 

Sorry for the quick and dirty recap!