YA Buccaneers Spring Bootcamp Monday Check In! #9 for me

Busy week last week! 

I hit 20k on Five of Hearts, my YA angsty band book (I'm pitching it as Glee meets THE DISENCHANTMENTS ;)) and I finally have a grasp on this character's voice, the pacing, etc. Sometimes chapters are meandering but I'm telling myself that's allowed in a first draft. In the meandering, I'm figuring intra-band dynamics, character relationships, and tensions I didn't know existed. Once again, I'm writing characters who are carrying more trauma than I initially anticipated and so navigating that carefully, especially staying within POV is hard.

Because I've outlined this as a potentially 5 book series, one book from each band member, I know much more than Savaeh, the lead singer and my first narrator. So I know why Skye is the way Skye is, but Savaeh can only guess. Managing that information is occasionally tricky! Same thing for a relationship Savaeh has in the first book. It's NOT an okay relationship. It's very much an icky relationship. But Savaeh doesn't see it as that for the first 3/4 of the book, so I have to be very careful in how I navigate that: where it's clearly not okay to the reader, but Savaeh's got her rose tinted glasses on. Again, tricky!

I'm switching gears this week to work on something I can't quite talk about yet but it's fun and I'm enjoying it. So that's my goal for the week: finish that!

Hope you all did well this week!