YA Buccaneers Spring Bootcamp Monday Check-in #8

Whew! It's been a busy week. Mostly a busy month. 

My goals for the last week were another chapter on Five of Hearts (on Twitter, I'm calling it 5oH!) and a short story for Magicballoonbook.

Okay, I wrote a lot more than another chapter for 5oH so hopefully that makes up for the lack of short story. I had 2200 words on 5oH last week (aka just the first chapter). Now I have 15,000. I kind of finally hit my stride? And I sincerely hope it's good because it's still a bit like pulling teeth. 

Five of Hearts is about five foster kids who formed a band just for fun, and then decide to try out for a talent search contest that runs a bit like Coachella meets American Idol. The narrator, Savaeh, keeps clinging to this belief that if she proves herself, her birth mom and her will be reunited and they'll live happily ever after. You can probably predict how successful that is, but Savaeh's path is really wonderful to explore. She's SO unlike me--she carries my insecurity for sure, but she's African American, grew up without a stable nuclear family, lives in southern California, is ANGRY, sleeps around, has tried drugs, etc etc etc--and that's scary AND exhilarating to write. I'm slowly learning things about her as I write, even as I'm following my outline. 

My dad read magicballoonbook and gave some feedback (mostly positive!) including some great feedback on one scene that I've been wedded to but he argued against. He's an avid reader, especially of YA and science fiction, but not at all a writer. He saw things and thought about things very differently than my CPs. He doesn't know it but he just upgraded himself to beta reader status because of that (need) perspective. 


Honestly, that's about all I got. Hope everyone's doing well with Spring Bootcamp!