YA Buccaneers Spring Bootcamp Monday #6

Helllllooo first April Monday check in! If you're just catching up now, I'm participating in YA Buccaneers' Spring Bootcamp! You can see my previous posts under this tag

I set my April goals as OUTLINING mostly, with some words for Five of Hearts. In the last week, I did another pass through Magicballoonbook and prepared my query packets for next month. I also blogged about outlining and why I outline, what I read, the importance of knowing the central questions of your story, wrote a short creative piece based on Magicballoonbook, and talked about being readers and writers without a hierarchy based on literary vs commercial. Aka, I've had a productive week and start to the month.

Five of Hearts and Sarajevobook are both partially outlined. 

So this week, I'd like to finish Five of Hearts' outline and send a test chapter off to my CPs to see if the voice works (you know what's fun? A really volatile character. Except when that volatile character's voice switches depending on who she's playing at the moment. She's pretty manipulative so she moves from being dominating to being meek/vulnerable in order to get what she wants.)

I'm also playing around with other projects, like a dark contemporary YA about two platonic opposite-gender best friends, a teacher who takes his class hostage, and what happens when safety is only an illusion. I really like writing two people who really love each other, and are never going to kiss or have sex or anything. No one gets it, but they do. He's obsessed with the weather, wants to be a weatherman on a cable news show much to the horror of his movie star parents, and she wants to be a photojournalist, much to the horror of her model-mother. He's an extrovert who is SO much more naive than he knows, and she's an introvert who is also deeply depressed. Putting them in harm's way breaks them.

And the other project on the docket is an NA about a returning soldier deafened from IED blast and the former emo girl from his high school class has turned into a bombshell who wants nothing to do a relationship. She's comfortable in her own skin, owns her own lingerie shop, and is SO much fun to write because I never get to write female characters like that. Super feminine, utterly happy, and completely independent. And the book is entirely told from the soldier's perspective (also new for me, to have a solely male POV) and I like him, even if he's hard to stay with because hell, PTSD is no picnic. His head's a mess. 

I write happy books? No, wait. I don't really write happy books. 

I always struggle to find the next project that feels right after I finish writing a book. It takes me a little bit to get settled into new skin, new characters, new worlds.