YA Buccaneers Bootcamp Monday #1

Oooh! I'm joining the YA Buccaneers Bootcamp (click for deets!) because hello, more accountability is never a bad thing even though my CPs are kind of awesome at kicking my ass into gear. I might be procrastinating on revisions right now by doing this blog. Might = definitely.

Week One

  1. Will you be participating in our Spring Writing Bootcamp? Yes. Please!
  2. If yes, what will you be working on: drafting, revisions, or both? Feel free to share a little about your project, too. :) Both! I'm finishing (hopefully) revisions on the book I call Magicballoonbook and then hopping back to a first draft a YA contemporary I call Five of Hearts. Magicballoonbook is getting pitched in PitchMadness as: 

    "A magical balloon yanks Ellie back in time to 1988 East Berlin. Together with local-time Kai, Ellie must unravel an experiment gone wrong and her personal connection to magic balloons to get home."

           Five of Hearts is about five kids in the foster system who have a band together and try out for an American Idol/America's Got Talent type of show. 

3. If you're joining us, would you like to join an accountability team? Yes please!

Oooh I guess I'm supposed to share more concrete goals? GOSH. Accountability is already hard.

1. Finish magicballoonbook revisions in the next 10 days (HAHAHAHAHA)
2. Outline Five of Hearts
3. Write 25k on Five of Hearts (more depending on how possibly querying MBB goes)
4. Query MBB in April/May. Shoot me now? No? Too hard to query from the grave? Okay.