This Is Just To Say

Magicballoonbook is a complete first draft. I stopped halfway last time, or a little more than halfway, and started revisions because I had no idea where it was going. I storyboarded, and I brainstormed, and I still got roadblocked. I slogged on, because that's what I have to learn to do, and I was cheered on by my two awesome writing groups. And I finished.

Magicballoonbook is the longest WIP I've ever written at 91,069 words. It also took me the longest to write at 153 days. I started it February 17th, 2013. I sent an email to B and ran the idea by him, and then wrote the last 800 or so words (I write my last scenes first, usually). And then I wrote the first 800 or so words. And went, "Oh. There IS a story here."

I've finished WIPs before. None have sucked as much out of me as this one has, but none feel as victorious as this one does right now. I'm glad I slogged through (and thank you to Malinda Lo for advice that has literally turned into my watchword in my darkest most sullen moments with this story).

Unexpectedly, MBB totally has the opportunity for a sequel or companion novel at the end, something I didn't expect to happen. I wrote it as a standalone and I'll probably query it as a standalone. But a character suggested something at the end which made me go, "Oh well, there's something if I want it to happen."

Until then, I'm going to revise it, work on my NA WIP and my YA/NA fantasy WIP(s). It never stops. And I never want it to.


Yay first story completed this year!