Lesson Learned: When Revising, I'm a Bad Blogger

Turns out that sometimes when I'm revising, I think "That's a good blog post idea" and then I just don't follow through, even if I waste time on Twitter, because any time I spend actually writing feels like it ought to go towards #magicballoonbook.

I've read a bunch of books in the last few weeks that I haven't put on the blog. So I'm going to post some of them now (not all of them) with one lines about them. Apologies to the authors because you know, you deserved better, like the long posts other books get. But I imagine you'll understand what the revision cave is like. 



Pi and I read DR. BIRD'S ADVICE FOR SAD POETS by Evan Roskos about a depressed kid who invents a pigeon therapist in his head while dealing with a shitty family life and rough social life. A quirky voice shines light on a sensitive, truthful, and respective story about coping with mental illness as an adolescent.



Pi and I also tackled assassin nuns in GRAVE MERCY by Robin La Fevers. The worldbuilding and characterization were absolutely gorgeous in this historical fantasy, but the book was heavily undermined by one scene for me and I remain mixed.



Pi and I read a second book about mental illness when we read Hannah Harrington's SAVING JUNE, a book about an impromptu roadtrip taken when a girl hijacks her sister's ashes to California in the wake of her sister's suicide. Richly written with a brooding mysterious boy (a trope I have no shame in saying I love) and delving into the activist outliers of our society and requiring a soundtrack, SAVING JUNE cemented itself as one of my favorites. (That run-on sentence was brought to you by my desire to write only ONE line about each book after the intro sentence.)

ImageThere's a photo of Pi with Sarra Manning's ADORKABLE but I loved my wobbly foster cat with Piglet photobombing in the background. This quirky, offbeat, funky love story has one character coming of age while the other character functions almost as a "new adult" trying to figure out what to do with her newfound identity. 


In #magicballoonbook news, I'm 56,000 words into revisions and deep in rewrites for the giant plot change right now. Back to the revision cave, friends!