Blog-blocked, Songs & Stories!

I've read four books that I haven't managed to put up on the blog. I forgot which books they were and had to check the photos I took of the books with Pilot, my cat to remember what I read. And it's not because the books weren't memorable. They're all fantastic books. But my brain was fried last week between work, social events, and writing. 

I didn't blog because I didn't even know what to blog about (even with blog memes like Top Ten Tuesday and Road Trip Wednesday going around. Really. I was that blocked.)

But then yesterday, it was beautiful and I had the day off.

I gave my horse a bath.



Which he promptly undid.

Then I did some brainstorming about #magicballoonbook's villian.

Then I went to a Phillies game.

ImageSpoiler alert: we lost. The Mets played a good game. We played a shitty game.

I don't know if it's the unseasonably warm weather or the sun or that I took a day off to recharge after a weekend of being really social (hi, introvert) or what, but last night, I came up with something to do whenever I'm stuck on the blog.

So. Welcome to my Blog-Block-Buster, Songs & Stories, in which I recommend three books that come to mind based on a song.

And yes, I'm going there for my first one.

Call Me Maybe -- Carly Rae Jepsen

FIRST COMES LOVE -- by Katie Kacvinsky 
UNBREAK MY HEART -- Melissa Walker

Contemporary YA reads full of "Before I met you, I missed you so bad" and "You took your time with the call, I took no time with the fall". You should read these books, maybe?

*Due to Amazon buying Goodreads, I will no longer be linking to Goodreads (and have, in fact, deleted my account). I have boycotted Amazon for four years running. I have major issues with their business model and global ethics. As a result, I am using BookLikes as my online 'library'/shelving (I found it more user friendly than LibraryThing, unfortunately) and I'll be linking to Indiebound or an indie site like Powell's. Thank you for your understanding!