All the Words are Mine

Uh oh. Didn't blog in a week! Not that I didn't think about it. And start and delete. And start and x out the window. It's just been one of those weeks where all the words I had went to work, writing, reading, or avoiding people. I've written 63,182 words since February 17th when I started Magic Balloon Book (#magicballoonbook, in the spirit of Emma Trevayne's upcoming GEARWING's #magicbirdbook hashtag and Hannah Moskowitz's #magicgayfish tag for Teeth that spawned her calling her fans magic gay fish. I guess that makes you all magic balloons? ;)).

That's 63,000 words in 23 days. Trust me when I tell you that that's exhausting. It's how I normally write books. I write best in the spring (February through May), and I tend to write first drafts really fast. Usually it's within a week to ten days, but this is also my longest first draft so far. I'm tired. Not of the story. I'm tired of trying to make what's in my head match what comes out on my fingertips. For people who write, you'll get this. That's HARD. What's in my head almost NEVER matches what I manage to write, but some days, it's worse than others. For those who don't write, sometimes there just aren't words. Sometimes, in internet speak, "you just cannot". Or "you can't word today."

I'm hitting the "I can't word today" part of the process, where I start to get flaily hands and think about quitting even though I'm logically only 7k from the end of the first draft and I'm getting good feedback from people. I NEED TO KEEP GOING.

I'm trying to combat this by beginning revisions now. Already my first chapter went from being meh to a little more focused, a little richer, a little sharper. It's not quite there yet, but I can FEEL the difference. Which helps because it feels like forward progress. Forward progress in revisions feels better, even when I'm only at the 6k mark in revisions, than the back end first draft shitty dialogue at the 64k mark.

This is all on top of reading a lot too. Not quite as much as a few weeks ago when I wasn't writing ;) But close. I have a bunch of books going at the same time.

I'm 80% done ELEANOR & PARK by Rainbow Rowell.
I'm 20% done WHAT WE SAW AT NIGHT by Jacqueline Mitchard
I'm 10% done A NATURAL HISTORY OF DRAGONS by Marie Brennan

So reading, writing, working. My life's a lot of words right now. Revisions are going well. For those who don't know, I very commonly write first drafts, save them/make B read them, and then do nothing with them. This is my first time through a true revision process and it's interesting. It's frustrating at points, but it's also really fun, almost more fun than the first draft, because I feel like I'm finally getting closer to the story I intended on writing.

First chapter has to go to my Intimidating IRL Writing Group in one week, so there's that too.