I Can See Clearly Now

Clearly, I'm not THAT great at keeping up with my resolutions. But I'm trying!

I want to tackle a couple of things in my upcoming blog posts. 

1. Fanfiction (why writing it isn't bad)
2. Romance books I've read lately (I can't believe I'm admitting this in public...)
3. Review of TEETH by Hannah Moskowitz, A MEMORY OF LIGHT by Brandon Sanderson, FEED by Moira Grant, and DEADLINE by Moira Grant
4. Getting back into the rhythm of writing (and the necessity of writing things that other people will never see).


In exciting news, this finally came into my local Barnes&Noble!
Disclaimer: Hannah's a friend of mine. We were friends before her first book BREAK came out. THAT BEING SAID, even though she's my friend, I still think that my unbiased opinion is that her books rock my socks off. I think INVINCIBLE SUMMER is one of the best YA reads I've ever had the pleasure of picking up and my cover is well worn. I think GONE GONE GONE is a tour de force. And I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this one. (Get it?)

I've spent more time writing fanfiction than original fiction these days, and I don't think that it's wasted time, actually, even though a lot of people will consider it silly and not every author approves of fanfiction (which I don't get. Seriously. As long as someone isn't profiting off your work, isn't it awesome that people cared enough about your story and characters? I would LOVE if someone wrote fanfiction about a couple of my stories. In fact, sometimes when I'm writing, I think, "Wow, if this ever gets out there, someone's going to ship X/Y characters SO HARD." And hey, if that happens? You have it in writing here, folks. SHIP AWAY.)

That being said, fanfiction has kept me writing after I stopped for awhile. It's also taught me to write linearly, think in chapters, breaks, and cliffhangers, and it's given me a framework. I didn't have to worry about worldbuilding because it existed. I did some of my own characterization, but the characters were there and had backstories I used. Writing fanfiction gave me the freedom to focus on the STORY and not the FRAMEWORK. For someone who gets hung up in that framework a lot, this has been LIBERATING.

Since late October, I've written over 131,000 words of fanfiction and it's all online (no, I'm not linking it). This means that someone other than B is reading my work, which is a first for me. It's making me more confident. And also, much more aware of all the tiny proofreading errors that slip through ;) 

I'll get more into it later, but I need to go update one of my fics ;)


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