YA Highway: Road Trip Wednesday!

In preparation for our Bookmobile discussion of Kody Keplinger's A MIDSUMMER'S NIGHTMAREThis Week's Topic Is: 
How did you spend/how will you spend the summer after graduation?Summer after High School Graduation: I went on a trip from London north through Scotland to the Orkney Islands with my cousins Emma and Sophie. It was absolutely awesome, I fell in love with Scotland, and we ran into Billy Boyd on the streets of Edinburgh. That's not a lie. There's a picture, but I was a chubby awkward 18yr old so it'll never make this blog :D 
Then I just worked, I think. And rode my horse. Summer after College Graduation (damn, I'm old): I had two internships. I did nuclear nonproliferation activism and food safety. As my dad said, "Mushrooms, and mushroom clouds!". I loved my jobs at the time, and I still do now in retrospect. I learned a ton. Unpaid internships are worth it in most fields. Put in the grunt work, folks!