My Creative Process

Let me explain my creative process.

Check Facebook.
Check Tumblr.
Write 500 words.
Check various writing blogs.
Read advice about not checking Facebook or Tumblr and disconnecting the internet.
Wonder if I can last 5 minutes with my wi-fi turned off.
Write 200 words.
Justify not turning off internet because I like my Youtube playlists and am too poor to buy more music right now.
Check Tumblr.
Write 1500 words.
Feel REALLY productive and proud.
Check Facebook and Tumblr for 2 hours.
Consider a blog post (like this one).
Realize I'm out of time at B&N and they're closing and I need to write.
Write 400 words.
Check Tumblr.
Go home.
Have no internet at home.
Write 2300 words.
Sleepish. I say ish because I am not a good sleeper.